Winter Beach Port Aransas

Brrrr! Winter’s Coming Soon

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I know, I know, why am I talking about Winter when it’s barely Fall? Besides, with an average high of 90 degrees, September still feels a lot more like Summer than Fall, much less Winter. But school has started so Summer is officially over. The Fall season is completely different here from Summer and Winter is completely different from Fall. If you want to understand Port Aransas you have to understand its seasons.

Unlike the manic Summer season, Fall in Port Aransas is slow and quiet. The beaches are mostly empty, the stores and restaurants are no longer crowded, the town seems to just take a deep breath and relax. Fall in Port Aransas is my favorite time of the year (more on that in a future post). But Winter is a completely different.

Port Aransas in the winter takes on a different feel from the summer. The temperature averages about 60 degrees, cooler than summer but much warmer than say, Rochester, NY!  There are a great variety of activites on the Island. Bird watchers from around the world come to see the Whooping Cranes and add to their life lists. Bay and Ocean Kayaking are popular in the winter months. Fishing is great, either from the Jetty or a boat in what is often called the Fishing Capital of Texas. Shell collecting is satisfying (especially after a short boat ride to St. Jo’s Island to the north). Art classes let you make your own souveniers  (check out Art Center for the Islands ). Bike riding can keep you fit. Community Theater keeps you entertained.  Plain old beach walking is a popular favorite. And how about some of the finest golf on the coast?

All of those features are what bring in our most prominent visitors of the Winter, the people we fondly call Winter Texans. Retirees or those fortunate enough to have very flexible work schedules come to Port Aransas to escape the harsher Winters of places like Michigan,Wisconsin, upstate New York, and even Canada. They start to arrive in December, bringing with them a different feel, a sense of community that stays here with them for 2-3 months.  The beaches are full again, the restaurants busy, the Island is alive – but without the manic feel of Summer vacation. It’s a pleasant feel and many Winter Texans return to the same location year after to re-connect with friends from previous Winters.

Last Winter was our first real Winter season at The Commons and we attracted a great community of Winter Texans. One of our Winter Texans taught art classes here. She’s returning again this winter, along with some of her friends. Although most of our units are booked for several months, we still have some availability that should be filled with new members of the community. Perhaps you should join them. We’d love to see you at The Commons.