Why Invest in Texas Real Estate?

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Reasons why Investing in Texas Real Estate is a Smart Move

The advantages of investing in real estate are many. Real estate is a great hedge against inflation. Rental properties can appreciate in value as inflation increases. Inflation is also rent friendly in that rents will increase with inflation while the mortgage payments on your property typically remain stable. The best news is real estate can be rented out, allowing someone else to pay for the costs of owning the real estate and gradually paying down any loans on the property.

Real Estate Prices are Rising in Texas

The Price of Texas homes had steadily increased over the last few decades. Between 1979 and 2005, the average home price appreciation in Texas increased 3-5.5% a year. http://recenter.tamu.edu/pdf/1762.pdf

This home price appreciation results in an improvement in the equity for the owner increasing the return on the real estate investment. Using financing through mortgages, an investor is able to increase the leverage of their money.

So now that you have decided to invest in real estate, and it is clear that an investment on the Texas coast, specifically Mustang Island or Port Aransas is a great way to go, how do you decide what to choose?