Real Estate Climate In Port Aransas

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The Real Estate Climate in Port Aransas on the Texas Coast

The crown jewel of the Texas coast is Mustang Island, one of the longest barrier islands in the world offering 18 miles of wonderful sandy beaches. At the tip of this island is the small fishing town of Port Aransas, which is home to some of the best fishing and birding on the Texas Gulf Coast. The beaches, the birding, the kayaking and fishing have made Port Aransas a destination for generations of Texans. This environment makes the perfect location for investment in rental or second home real estate.

An investment in rental or second home property in Port Aransas, Texas is a solid investment. From 1995 to 2007, the average Condo Sales Price increased 19% a year, and the average home sales price increased 16% a year. And even though the last few years have been difficult for real estate in general, the demographics of the Texas Coast, Mustang Island and Port Aransas support a continued increase in the flow of people wanting to buy investment or second home real estate in Port Aransas.