Smart design lowers utility costs

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Whew! Its hot outside!

Sometimes it isn’t what you paid for your vacation home, it is what it costs you to own your home.

Here in Texas, 2009 was the hottest summer in years. In Austin, it was the hottest summer in 155 years, dating back to 1854. This was also the warmest June-August ever at San Antonio and Del Rio. And, it was the hottest August on record at Corpus Christi.1

If ever there were a summer to head to the beach to cool off, it was 2009. And if ever there were a summer to break the record for energy consumption and test your electricity budget, this was it.

At The Commons we have a secret weapon to controlling energy costs. Our walls are built with ICF, Insulated Concrete Forms. The exterior walls and the walls between units are 10 inches thick with 6 inches of concrete inside held by 2 inches of insulation on either side. This proven, green building technique has a direct impact on energy costs and on the owner’s bottom line.

The Commons Utilities Costs

The Commons Utilities Costs

For The Commons homeowner, our data tells us that for eight months of the year you can expect your electricity costs to average about $50 per month. During the four months of summer heat, you might average around $100 per month if you keep the thermostat steady and ask the kids to keep the door shut as we did in unit 304, the unit we use ourselves. And even if you have renters who tend to turn the thermostat down and not pay attention to open doors, you are not likely to average more than $150 per month in the summer months. Our data indicates annual electricity cost of $800-$1100 per year or an average of $80 per month.

Come visit us at The Commons in Port Aransas, Texas. Our energy efficient vacation homes will save you money. Enjoy the Texas beaches and the summer sun, just remember to close the door behind you!