Video of recent guests at The Commons Townhomes making their 3rd parachute jump on the beach in Port Aransas.

Free Fall Leads to Soft Landing

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Right now a lot of folks feel like things are in a bit of a free fall. The stock market is again in turmoil. Nobody is sure where the bottom will be. That’s not a good kind of sensation.

Not all drops are bad though. Some drops are thrilling and exhilarating and make people want that feeling again and again. That feeling is what has brought some of our guests at The Commons back for repeat visits. They come to Port Aransas to meet up with family and parachute out of a plane with a little help from Skydive South Texas. Their landings on the sandy Port Aransas beach leave them thrilled to their core.

One couple stayed at The Commons this summer while making their 3rd jump. Here’s a video our friends at DeWitt Productions captured of one of their jumps: