The State of the Economy in Texas

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The Texas Economy Holds Strong

The economy in Texas has fared well in the recent economic downturn leaving a strong economy for coastal vacationers and second-home buyers.

The four major Texas cities of Austin, San Antonio, Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston continuously make the list of cities that have fared best. All four cities won the top spots for Forbes “Best Cities for Jobs” in April of 2009 with Austin ranked number one followed by Houston as 2nd, San Antonio as 3rd, Fort Worth as 4th and Dallas as 5th.

With Dallas and Houston in the Forbes list of Top 10 cities for Job Growth in 2009, it is clear that the Texas economy is strong and provides a solid base for the growth of the Texas coast vacation rental market. All of these four cities are within driving distance of Port Aransas and Mustang Island making this location a perfect weekend or vacation getaway.