Reasons to Retire in Port Aransas

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Texas has become the second most popular state to retire to, and the baby boom retirement inflow has just begun. The baby boom represents 76 million Americans, approximately 28% of the U.S. population.

Real Estate Climate In Port Aransas

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The crown jewel of the Texas coast is Mustang Island, one of the longest barrier islands in the world offering 18 miles of wonderful sandy beaches. At the tip of this island is the small fishing town of Port Aransas, which is home to some of the best fishing and birding on the Texas Gulf Coast.

Why Invest in Texas Real Estate?

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The advantages of investing in real estate are many. Real estate is a great hedge against inflation. Rental properties can appreciate in value as inflation increases. Inflation is also rent friendly in that rents will increase with inflation while the mortgage payments on your property typically remain stable.

The State of the Economy in Texas

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The economy in Texas has fared well in the recent economic downturn leaving a strong economy for coastal vacationers and second-home buyers. The four major Texas cities of Austin, San Antonio, Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston continuously make the list of cities that have fared best.

Growth Trends – Texas & Gulf Coast

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The growth of Texas is a long-term trend. A recent report by the Texas A&M Real Estate center, demonstrates the data to show how the next quarter century in Texas will be driven by population and job growth and that by 2030, the state is expected..

History of The Commons at Seashell

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Seashell Village Associates, LLC is a partnership formed to develop The Commons at Seashell Townhomes in Port Aransas. While this is the first project developed under the Seashell Village name, all three members of the partnership have been active real estate investors and developers, both individually and together for some time.